About Lakewood Disposal

Disposal and fluid management solutions for all your needs.

Lakewood Disposal LLC was formed to provide oilfield waste fluid management services in the Mid-Continent region as West OK Disposal in March of 2001. Lakewood Disposal is headquartered in Woodward, Oklahoma and began with the acquisition of two salt water disposal (SWD) facilities, the Dixie and the Smith Estate. From 2007 to 2012, Lakewood Disposal drilled or recompleted six additional salt water disposal wells in the Anadarko Basin in response to the significant increase in drilling activity in the Basin.

Lakewood Disposal provides salt water disposal services to operators who drill and operate in the Anadarko Basin. Fluids that Lakewood Disposal handles include: flowback water that results from the completion of wells, production water, and other fluids that are used as part of the drilling process. Lakewood Disposal fulfills the operators responsibility for properly disposing of all fluids used during the drilling and operation process with a safe and effective solution for management of these different fluids. We employ environmentally-conscience methods to transport, process, store and dispose of the unwanted fluids used in the drilling and production of gas and oil wells.