Services and Capabilities

Direct Pipeline Connection

We offer our customers the potential of direct connect pipelines from our customers production site to our facilities. This will reduce the customers disposal cost and is more efficient and reliable than truck transportation.

Gravity Offloading

Our five newest wells utilize gravity offloading of trucks which allows trucks to unload quicker and increases the lifespan of the truck’s pumps by reducing usage. We have the capability to offload up to five trucks simultaneously in fewer than ten minutes.

24/7 Employee Presence

Our SWD’s are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Lakewood employees offload your trucks. Our employees place high priority on developing business relationships with all our customers. All of our facilities also offer food, water, and a place for drivers to wait while their trucks are offloading.

Reliable Operations

Our five newest facilities utilize Q-300 NOV pumps powered by 300 HP three-phase motors with variable speed drivers (VSDs) enclosed in an air-conditioned environment. Using the same pumps means parts and inventory are interchangeable giving us reliability and redundancy and the ability to quickly recover in case of an outage.

Auto/Direct Billing

We offer our customers automated billing for efficient tracking of product and costs. It is as easy as filling out an application form.


Salt Water Disposal Well Locations


Nearest Intersection


4 Corners

Hwy 6 & US 283


Dixie 1

N1900 RD & E0450 RD



Hwy 30 & E0890 RD

Roger Mills


Hwy 34 & Hwy 73


North Leedey

Hwy 34 & N2060 RD


Smith Estate

US 183 & E0380 RD


South Arnett

US 283 & E0690 RD



Hwy 30 & E1150 RD